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Welcome Wildcats!

Thank you for visiting my page for fun and educational activities to get us through this very different teaching and learning time.

Please visit often to access the links that you already know how to navigate and enjoy. You may use my Epic Books account during school hours and watch for new things in your mailbox, as well as search for what you love to read. You should have received a password sheet to use all of the databases from home. If you did not receive the sheet contact me via email for that information. I am available for questions or help during school hours and will be happy to hear from you and to offer any help that I can. Use Into the Book and Fun Stuff (Dove Whisper) fun literacy strategies and content specific activities. Read often and don't forget to write and talk about what you read!  I am always happy to receive an email about what you are reading. I may be posting what I am reading and ask for suggestions in our grade level Library One Note- located in our email waffle. Remember to continue to read and enjoy learning, just in a different way for now. I look forward to the time when we may learn face to face again. Stay safe and well, Wildcats!

Mrs. Bauer